Something new

I’ve been writing on this blog and also on a blog titled for the past year. This blog was started to focus on living a great story, and what really matters in life. It was birthed out of my desire to live in a large way, a way that fits me personally and doesn’t just conform to what everybody else is doing. I also wanted to encourage you in your life to live a large story and to find a way to share it with others.

In the process of me going on sabbatical, a year off from teaching, and writing/thinking about what matters to me I’ve been drawn to wanting to merge these two blogs. Most people don’t write on multiple blogs like I do 🙂

I currently have been writing on 4!

I will continue to write on my blog (These are letters written to my two girls in their teenage years. They are my heart and this blog will continue :))

I will continue to write on my blog (These posts are about my private voice and piano lesson business. They represent my livelihood :))

But my two blogs off the ride and one life well lived are merging into one blog called ’embrace the day’. The address to find that blog is My name is Ruth Ann Jackson, hence the address. All lower case, only middle initial.

I hope that if you’ve enjoyed my writing, found it meaningful in anyway…and been following this blog that you will transition with me and follow me on my new blog. If you have any questions, aren’t able to find my new blog, etc. please let me know. I have no desire to lose you in the process of this change.

Thank you for your understanding and for your friendship.


Full attention

I want to try something new today. I want to make an effort that when people are talking with me (most likely my two daughters), I will give them my full attention. I want to see what it’s like when I listen and don’t try to do anything at the same time. Is it even possible?

I am the queen of efficiency. Truth be told, I’ve always prided myself on this fact. Has this been foolish? I wonder.

How often do I only half listen? A lot! I can’t tell you how many times my kids have said “Mom…I told you that,” and honestly, I had no memory of the conversation taking place at all. It probably did…I was probably just doing something else at the same time and so it didn’t stick in my mind.

Always stuff to do. I would quickly tell my kids that people are more important than things. But often I’m afraid that I might not live out that truth as I clean the house for the umpteenth time instead of sitting down to play a game with them.

How good of a listener are you? Do you stop and really listen or do you keep doing whatever task is at hand…only half listening? Often when background noise is on…TV, music, etc. even if you’re not doing anything else, you’re only half listening as well. How often do we really stop, turn off all background noise and listen?

I’m going to try…or at least give it a valiant effort. We’ll see how it goes.